Over the past decade the internet has changed the face and pace of business in this country. Consumer behaviour has changed and the search for products and services usually starts with a Google search. Increasingly those searches are being done on a mobile device.

The reality is, your marketing could be the difference between boom and gloom and your website is probably the first touch point with a potential new customer. They will pass judgement on your business in seconds based on their online experience and you only get one chance to make a good first impression. An amateurish website (or no website at all) is a ‘customer killer’ and your website should be at the hub of your marketing efforts.
The internet is full of websites that are really nothing more than online brochures that simply list the who, what and where of your business. However, we believe your website is your most powerful marketing tool and the primary purpose is to generate new leads and new customers. A lot of websites are built by graphic designers so they look terrific but the search engines like Google are ‘blind’ and cannot see the images or layout. They can, however, read the content and will downgrade your website in the all important search rankings if they are full of irrelevant or duplicate content. Beautiful websites that no one can find are like electronic billboards in the desert.

When it comes to websites, content is king. If you want to appear on the first page of a Google search you need original, quality content and that includes text, videos and images. You need to be crystal clear about what your ideal customer wants and tailor your content to their needs. You also need to spell out your expertise and that might mean building content that focuses on your niche industries and specialist services.

While many business owners view their website as an expense, we view them as an investment. You need to measure your return on your investment and your website should pay for itself many times over. Our message to clients is if your current website isn't generating leads for your business, then you've got the wrong website. You might need a makeover or full rebuild.

Over the past few years we have worked with dozens of clients and website developers to create affordable, quality websites that are designed to generate more traffic and new business. We can help you develop your website starting with the identification of key features and functionality you require. Next, we can offer advice and assistance with content including your video production and digital publishing. From there we can help you attract more traffic using search engine optimisation and other techniques including Facebook advertising campaigns.

As an accounting firm based in Canterbury in Eastern Melbourne, we provide all the usual accounting and tax compliance services, however, it is our services beyond compliance that distinguish us from our competitors. We are not your average firm of accountants who just keep the score and our marketing expertise could give you a serious competitive edge in your industry. We can help you with the latest website tools, video marketing, search engine optimisation techniques, digital publishing and social media strategies. If you aren’t aware of these tools and channels to promote your business then your business will never reach its full profit potential.

If you haven't already downloaded our e-Book, The 1 Simple Secret to Growing Your Business' you can download it for FREE from our Marketing page. It details our 'winning website formula' that we use when helping our clients build their lead generation websites and covers things like lead magnets, calls to action and the need for videos and social proof.

Some features of the websites we help clients with include:

  • A customised professional website design that matches your business image
  • A Content Management System that let’s you track the performance of your website so you know how many visitors you are getting, what your most popular pages are, where your visitors come from and lots more …
  • The Content Management System makes editing the website’s text and images as easy as editing a Microsoft Word document
  • Built in Google Analytics so you can measure and monitor performance
  • An Email Marketing System and Tracking System
  • Optional Social Media Links
  • Blog Functionality

Here at JTU Accounting Group, we are so much more than just tax accountants. We are ‘business and profit builders’ who offer you practical marketing advice and we always have an eye on the future. Contact us today about our marketing and website services and let’s get to work ON your business so it's more profitable and valuable.

Finally, if you're a committed and ambitious business owner looking to accelerate your business success we invite you to book a FREE, one hour introductory consultation to discuss your website or marketing needs. You can expect practical advice designed to help you get your business off to a flying start or take your sales to a new level. To book a time, contact us today on (03) 9878 5444 or complete your details in the box at the top of this page.

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